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Warehouse & DC Rents Spiked 20.6% in 2023

Research from Colliers found that lease rates reached $9.72 per square foot last year despite supply far outpacing occupancy.Despite a considerable increase in available U.S. industrial real estate capacity during 2023, rent rates for warehouse and distribution space jumped far faster.According to year-end data from real estate firm Colliers, lease rates for U.S. warehouse and distribution space spiked 20.6% year-over-year last year and reach an

Consumers Resilient Despite Fed Rate Hikes

With a strong economy, the first rate cut may not come soonAs the Rockettes high-kicked their way to a record box office for the annual “Christmas Spectacular” at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, they were doing more than just entertaining.They were also showing the limits of the Federal Reserve’s power over the economy.If the Fed’s interest rate increases had worked after the pandemic the way they had in the past, Americans would ha

Loans for Commercial and Multifamily Buildings Fell 25% in Q4

Loans for office buildings specifically dropped 68% year over year and 32% quarter over quarter as investors remained wary about the risk-heavy sectors and interest rates remained highBorrowing for commercial and multifamily buildings fell off sharply on an annual basis during the fourth quarter of 2023 as investors remained wary about the risk-heavy sectors and interest rates remained high.Commercial and multifamily loan orig

Mortgage Rates Stay Steady in Mid-6% Range

Fewer fluctuations in borrowing costs may give potential home buyers more confidence to jump back into the housing market this spring.For eight consecutive weeks, mortgage rates have held mostly steady in the mid-6% range. This week was no different, with the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rate clocking in at 6.64%, according to Freddie Mac. After facing a surge in mortgage rates late last fall, aspiring home buyers are now better able to budget for

Fewer Deaths, More Migration Make U.S. Population Soar

The number of people living in the country has returned to pre-pandemic levels. These are the states benefiting the most.The U.S. gained more than 1.6 million people in 2023, with most states reporting population growth, according to data from the Census Bureau. The U.S. population saw its largest increase since 2018 due to fewer deaths, which were elevated during the COVID-19 pandemic, and rising migration, researchers say.  The states seei

Home Prices are Still Rising in 85% of U.S. Cities

Homeowners are growing their equity while buyers are getting sticker shock. Read more from NAR’s latest quarterly report.Good news for homeowners, bad news for buyers: Home prices continued to surge in the fourth quarter of 2023 in the majority of major U.S. metros, and some markets even posted double-digit gains.The national median price for an existing single-family home jumped 3.5% from a year prior, reaching $391,700, according to

Welcome to the Team Jennifer Thompson Dealing the Lakeland Area

iPro was founded on the idea of building a better living with champion real estate services. We focus on incorporating and mastering the latest technologies and perform all types of real estate transactions. Our team of professionals set a stronger standard of business and give superior results.Click here for information on becoming a salesperson.

Real Estate and Design Trends to Watch in 2024

From ecosystem conservation to “new” darker neutrals in exterior paint, we look at the trends set to take hold in the industry this year.Staying abreast of what’s new and innovative in design and real estate is important, not to be trendy but to learn about innovative materials, systems and products to live more sustainably and benefit the planet. Also, new uses for rooms can maximize square footage and our surroundings to add joy to our li

Applications for PurchaseLoans Sag for First Time in 2024

Firming up of mortgage rates finally catches up with homebuyer demand, with applications for purchase loans falling by a seasonally adjusted 11% last week, MBA survey showsA firming up of mortgage rates in the new year finally caught up with homebuyer demand last week with applications for purchase loans falling for the first time in 2024, according to a weekly survey of lenders by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA).The MBA’s Weekly Mo


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