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4 Popular Design Trends at Model Homes

Builders like to spotlight the latest trends in their model homes to entice buyers. These are some of the trends they’re featuring lately. 1. Quartz countertops: Buyers are showing willingness to spend the most in upgrading their kitchens, and one of their first targeted upgrades tends to be the countertop, says Lesley McCarthy, Builders Design regional vice president. They’re opting for quartz over granite. Granite has become the standard in many new homes nowadays, but buyers are showing greater desire for the more environmentally friendly quartz countertops. (Read more: Let’s Talk Quartz.) 2. More windows: McCarthy also points to the increase in windows in homes. Many buyers want to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors and they’re turning to extra windows to get that feel. 3. Wider plank flooring: Hardwood and tiling floor are the most in demand, but consumers are opting for bigger plank widths and larger tiles. They’re also experimenting with greater color options in hardwood, and designers in some cases are showcasing greater options in engineered wood for its added durability. 4. Owner’s entries: Model homes are also showing off “drop zones,” but places for more than just to hang your coat or stow your shoes away. These “drop zones” are serving as places for your keys, electronics, and a central command post for automated systems. Source: “Top Showroom Trends,” BUILDER (April 3, 2017)

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