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The Best Window Treatments for Sellers

Window treatments offer many benefits to sellers: They can bolster the look of a home's interior, making a positive first impression on buyers, allowing them to envision themselves in the home. They also offer the added value of privacy and potential energy cost savings, an aspect many savvy buyers will appreciate. Furthermore, choosing the right window treatments may enable a seller to enhance a house's curb appeal and could help a residence attract attention in a crowded real estate market. Katie Laird, director of Social Marketing for, shares four window treatments that can transform a seller’s home and make it stand out in the market. 1. Faux Wood Blinds Faux wood blinds will complement a home's interior and exterior, regardless of a house's size or style. Many faux wood blind options are available to match a home's décor perfectly. From cordless blinds to moisture-resistant varieties, these blinds maintain their appearance and quality for an extended period of time. Also, faux wood blinds replicate the look and feel of real wood at a fraction of the cost. The blinds even feature a synthetic material that makes them simple to clean and maintain. 2. Roman Shades For those who are searching for eye-catching and versatile window treatments, Roman shades come in a wide range of fabrics, colors, patterns and styles, making them fit seamlessly into a range of décor styles. The benefits of Roman shades extend beyond their appearance. Roman shades are attractive to buyers because they enable homeowners to control the amount of light that enters a room and act as a barrier against drafty windows, ensuring they can keep heat indoors in winter and sunlight outside in summer. 3. Vertical Blinds Vertical blinds are stylish and practical window treatments. They feature vanes – narrow strips that hang from a headrail – that come in fabric, wood and vinyl. Vertical blinds deliver a lot of control as to how much light enters the home while maintaining privacy: a selling point for many buyers. 4. Honeycomb Shades Honeycomb shades offer a number of advantages that help them stand out from other window treatments. First, honeycomb shades deliver exceptional insulation, allowing homeowners to lower their monthly energy costs. The shades have been shown to help improve acoustics in homes and are constructed in various pleat sizes for installation in all types of houses. Honeycomb shades are offered in a broad array of bold and subtle colors as well and offer a modern look, serving as superior window treatments that are sure to stand out to home buyers. Window treatments can make a world of difference for home sellers, particularly in a competitive real estate market. With any of the aforementioned window treatments at your disposal, you can enhance a home's interior and exterior instantly. Source: Katie Laird, director of social marketing for and a frequent public speaker on Social Media Marketing, Social Customer Care and profitable company culture.

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