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Creating A Patio Scene That Sells

Whether you're selling an oceanfront property in Miami Beach or a Colorado mountain escape, a home's outdoor space is often key in the potential homeowner's willingness to say, "We'll take it!" With property values on the rise, it’s important to create additional living space by bringing the indoors out. No matter the size, creating an inviting area for entertainment and daily living doesn’t have to be a massive construction ordeal. Instead, just a few simple additions to the outdoor space can make all the difference. Let’s take a look at ways to create a refreshing outdoor scene that sells, complete with fresh patio furniture and accessories perfectly matched to the home's architecture and surrounding scenery. Work with What You’ve Got While outdoor spaces are key to selling a property, there’s no need to do a complete overhaul. Instead, work with what you’ve got and take advantage of smart design to maximize the space. Overgrown lawns can look like new with some pruning, and weathered concrete patios can be given a new life with simple patio resurfacings or overlays. A good power wash can take years off of an outdoor space, while a slick coat of paint on some well-loved fences and trims can make all the difference at adding new life to a patio. Channel Style with Outdoor Furniture Elevating your patio with outdoor furniture is a sure way to have potential homeowners coming back for more. Like any room, furniture is essential for tying together a space—it channels style and makes it easier for clients to visualize themselves entertaining or lounging in the space. The key is to channel the style of the demographic and the home. Are you selling a swanky Malibu pad fit for a movie star? Time to bring in some sleek and modern lounge chairs for late night business deals. Or are you working with a French-style chateau that would make anyone feel like royalty? Bring that outdoor space alive with an outdoor dining set with rustic wood accents perfect for big family gatherings. Have Fun with Accessories Once the outdoor furniture is in place, it’s time to put a bow on it with fun accessories. If the patio seems barren, remember that outdoor walls are perfect for metal wall art pieces and a new sconce or two. Bring outdoor dining areas to life with a centerpiece or some festive linens, and have fun with patterned pillows and lanterns around a seating area. Don’t forget a fashionable bar cart—it’s a great little addition for urban patios. No matter what style the home is, adding a few key accessories to the outdoor space will make all the difference at creating an appealing sell. Source: An accredited ASID interior designer, Kerrie Kelly writes for The Home Depot and several other publications about decorating both indoor and outdoor spaces. She provides great advice on increasing backyard appeal by building an outdoor space with great patio furniture and some outdoor accessories.

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