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Make DIY Paint Jobs Look More Professional

  1. Soak brushes in fabric softener to keep the bristles soft. Mix half a cup of fabric softener with a gallon of water, and swish the brush in the mixture for 10 seconds. Lay flat or hang the brush to dry. The softener will keep the bristles from developing a bend and will help distribute the paint more smoothly.
  2. Use plastic wrap to protect items from paint splashes. Putting plastic wrap around large items such as toilets and sinks will protect their finish from paint splatters. Use a plastic wrap with an adhesive backing to make sure it doesn't slip off during the paint job.
  3. Cover small spots you don't want to paint with petroleum jelly. Use a Q-tip to apply Vaseline to screws and door hinges so you can easily remove any paint that may get on them. You can even use petroleum jelly along the seals of doors and windows to prevent them from sticking.
  4. Add vanilla or lemon extract to paint to prevent strong odors. The smell of paint can be overwhelming. For darker paint colors, add a couple of drops of vanilla extract per gallon to reduce the odor. For lighter paint colors, use lemon extract so the tint of vanilla doesn't ruin it.
Source: "7 Painting Hacks to Get the Look of a Pro—Without the Pro Price," HouseLogic