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REALTORS: 4 easy ways for Realtors to boost their business with Google AdWords

Capturing leads online takes practice. Here are tips to bolster your online presence with a well-thought-out campaign
With today’s online-first consumer marketplace, Realtors must be as savvy with technology and marketing as ever to rise above their competition. Especially with the influx of millennials entering the real estate market, creating and maintaining a captivating online presence is a must. Advertising through Google AdWords makes it possible for any agent to harness the undeniable power of online marketing, while staying cost-effective. The tool from Google allows you to select your desired audience and choose which search terms your ad will appear next to in the Google search results that relate to those keywords. Putting the power in the hands of the advertiser, AdWords gives Realtors creative and executional control. As a cherry on top, you only have to pay for your ad when the internet searcher clicks on it. For Realtors who are interested in opening a Google AdWords campaign, here are a few questions to consider from a user’s standpoint:
  1. Where will your ads take me? The last thing we want to see is for you to draw up a huge, elaborate Google AdWords campaign without thinking about what the internet searcher will land on. Before you put a campaign in motion, ensure your website is well-presented and well-written. If your site cannot easily handle all the leads pouring in it as a result of the advertising campaign, you’ve wasted your money.
  2. What do you want me to do? Make your call-to-action one of the first things the user sees when clicking through your ad. People online have notoriously short attention spans. Considering this, make sure they know what you want from them — their contact information, newsletter signup, or buying or listing a home with you.
  3. How can I work with you? Google AdWords allows you to easily list your business’ information and connect with the leads you’ve worked hard to garner. By having your address and contact information appear as part of your ad campaign, users will not have to frantically try to track you down and lose interest in the process. The most important thing for capturing a lead is making sure you are easy to get a hold of.
  4. Can you work in my area? The beauty of Google AdWords campaigns can be found within its customizability. Ads can be tweaked for variables like ZIP codes or specific neighborhoods so they can pertain to each unique user. Since real estate is such a community-based and location-specific industry, you can get extremely targeted with your advertising campaign to personally reach every lead.
Realtors are now able to take control of their own digital marketing. In an online-first marketplace, this becomes increasingly important. Google AdWords gives you the power to customize your campaign to connect with the right leads for your business. Keep these considerations in mind before putting together a cohesive AdWords plan, and users who land on your site will appreciate the personal touch. Michael Weinhouse is Founder and Co-CEO for Logical Position, an Inc. 500, Premier Google Partner with offices in Oregon, Illinois, Nevada and Texas. The agency was founded in 2010 and offers full-service PPC Management, SEO and Website Design solutions for businesses large and small. Source: [login required]