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The Cities where Parents and Adult Children Share Housing

Many adult children are choosing to return to live with their parents—or not to leave—for many reasons, including the economic downturn, high rent or housing costs, and the pandemic. But some areas of the country show a higher proportion of adult children who are at home with their parents.

MagnifyMoney, a branch of LendingTree, recently analyzed data from the American Community Survey to identify the cities where adults aged 25 to 40 still live with their parents.

Riverside, Calif., has the most adults still living with their parents, according to the survey. Twenty-nine percent of non-students aged 25 to 40 live with their parents in Riverside, up slightly from 28% a year earlier. Miami and Los Angeles follow closely behind.

On the other hand, Minneapolis and Raleigh, N.C., tie for the cities that have the lowest rate of adults still living with their parents, 12.1%.

The MagnifyMoney study also finds that men are more likely than women to still live with their parents among the 50 largest metros tracked.

One of the main reasons adults may still live with their parents is due to money constraints. About one in four of adults who live with their parents say they don’t work. Memphis, Tenn., and New Orleans have the most adults not working at 34%. For those adults who do work while living with their parents, they tend to earn far less than their peers who live on their own. 

Source: “Places Where Adults Live With Their Parents: 2020 Update,” MagnifyMoney (Sept. 1, 2020)

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