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Where to Court the Single Female Buyer

Many studies show a pay gap exists between men and women, with women earning significantly less than men do. A new study compiled by PropertyShark and RENTCafe sought to find out how that gender gap in pay may affect single women’s buying power in the housing market in the 50 largest U.S. cities. You may find the most single-women buyers in the following cities, which were ranked as the most affordable for single women to buy a home:
  1. Detroit, Mich.: 4% (monthly payment as percentage of income)
  2. Wichita, Kan.: 10%
  3. Indianapolis, Ind.: 10%
  4. Tulsa, Okla.: 12%
  5. Oklahoma City, Okla.: 13%
  6. Arlington, Texas: 14%
  7. Tucson, Ariz.: 16%
  8. Mesa, Ariz.: 17%
  9. Omaha, Neb.: 18%
  10. Virginia Beach, Va.: 18%
On the other hand, researchers found these cities to be the least affordable major cities for single women home buyers:
  1. Manhattan, N.Y.: 119% (the monthly payment as percentage of income)
  2. Los Angeles, Calif.: 104%
  3. San Francisco, Calif.: 95%
  4. Boston, Mass.: 91%
  5. Miami, Fla.: 85%
  6. San Jose, Calif.: 77%
  7. Oakland, Calif.: 74%
  8. Long Beach, Calif.: 55%
  9. Philadelphia, Pa.: 54%
  10. New Orleans, La.: 54%
View this map to see where singles both men and women can most afford to -- or not afford to -- buy a home in the U.S. Source: “The Housing Gender Gap: Where Can Single Men and Women Afford a Home?” PropertyShark (Feb. 2, 2017)