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10 Top Rental Markets for Investors

Atlanta is HomeUnion’s latest top pick as the market that could offer the best opportunities for single-family rental investors. Home prices in Atlanta have yet to recover as solidly as other markets so investors there are more likely to jump in at a lower cost, yet still be able to charge higher rents due to demand from the metro’s growing job market, notes HomeUnion, a single-family-rental acquisition and management company. "Atlanta has moved up the list. They were late to the [recovery] party and are now seeing 3.5 percent rent growth," says Steve Hovland, director of research at HomeUnion. "They're also having a big decrease in single-family-rental vacancies." The following metros topped HomeUnion’s “opportunity” rankings for single-family rental investors: 1. Atlanta 2. Orlando 3. Seattle 4. Las Vegas 5. Chicago 6. San Diego 7. Oakland, Calif. 8. Detroit 9. Dallas-Fort Worth 10. Memphis Source: “Here Are the 10 Hottest Rental Markets to Make Investors’ Landlord Dreams Come True,” CNBC (Feb. 8, 2017)

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