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REALTORS: Get More Buyers Interested in Your Listing

A property may not garner enough interest because of a variety of problems, including inadequate pricing or insufficient marketing. Put more emphasis on visual content. When a home isn't generating much interest, real estate agents should first take a look at the marketing materials and make sure the visuals are spotlighting the home in the best light. So make sure the photos and virtual tour are professional quality. "If photos and videos are of poor quality, fuzzy, slow to load, don't properly show the home, or are inconvenient in any way, this could quickly deter potential home buyers, especially millennials," the blog notes. Promote the home's individual character. Make sure the listing materials do a good job of showing how the home is different from its competitors. "Conducting an audit on other listings in the area will also help you determine how you can make the home you're selling stand out from similar properties," BHGRE writes on its blog. "The property you're selling may have a larger lot or better landscaping, upgraded amenities, or extra bathrooms." Revisit the asking price. Overpricing is often the culprit when a listing attracts low interest from buyers. Make sure the home is priced similar to comparable homes. Remind your sellers: "When you list a home at the right price, it'll naturally be exposed to more qualified buyers, heightening the likelihood of selling property quickly," the blog notes. BHGRE also recommends that real estate professionals ask for second opinions on their listings from co-workers or friends. Sometimes, they can help spot any errors or offer marketing insights. Source: “4 Tips to Boost Interest in Your Home Listings,” Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate’s Clean Slate blog (March 30, 2017)

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