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REALTORS: 5 Ways to Better Manage Your Social Media

When using social media, make sure you aren't turning off potential customers with your behavior online. offers the following tips on behaviors to avoid on social media, including: Being present on too many social media platforms: "Be careful not to create a social media behemoth you can't control," writes Forbes columnist Mike Templeman. "If you can't maintain fresh, engaging content on all your social media channels, try backing off the ones that you're having a hard time keeping up with." Worrying too much about your number of followers: Templeman notes that there is no advantage gained by having a high number of followers. "Spamming the web does not improve user engagement or ROI," he notes. Using too many hashtags: Sure, hashtags can help increase your visibility, but excessive use can quickly get #annoying. Referring to your brand too much: Vary the type of content you post so you don't become a one-trick pony. Retweet or repost content that you feel can add value to your followers, Templeman notes. Posting too much: Do not post every couple of hours. Be consistent with your timing, but don’t overshare. Consider blogging once a week and posting one or two daily Facebook status updates, while more frequently updating Twitter, Templeman says. Source: “8 Things to Avoid on Social Media and 6 Ways to Respond,” (March 31, 2017)

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