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REALTORS: New agent? 4 tech tools for building long-term success

Not every technology solution is ideal for new agents -- here are four that can get you that first deal
  • New agents need to balance new business efforts with long-term planning.
  • Naberly, MailChimp, ZipComps and RealSatisfied provide an array of smart, easy tools to establish and maintain business.
Have suggestions for products that you’d like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. It’s not easy to get started in real estate, but establishing a foundation for your business is key. Like a good campfire, it all starts with what’s underneath. If you have a consistent bed of simmering embers, the fire always has a chance. Here are four tools to help you build long-term success.

1. MailChimp with Facebook Ad tools

MailChimp is the de-facto email marketing tool for small businesses. (Attention new agents: You are a small business.) It allows for easy list building and evocative email design and measurement.
The company’s recent integration with Facebook’s advertising tools makes it an efficient one-stop platform for paid outreach. This assumes, of course, that you plan on building a presence on the social media stalwart. (You should.) Even better, MailChimp’s developers makes advertising on Facebook easier than Facebook does.

2. RealSatisfied

Testimonials hold immense power in today’s business world. If you’re not convinced, Google: “businesses that argue with customers on Yelp.” What’s great about RealSatisfied is that it’s built for real estate agents. It smartly handles the collection of feedback on your performance and offers a host of tools for you to share it. New agents need to spread the word quickly, and as alluded to, testimonials provide superb, long-term fuel for keeping your business fire burning.

3. ZipComps

A commercial land broker I knew used to make all of his new agents study public zoning and plat maps. He sent them to city zoning offices and had them drive by vacant land all over the market. His point was to get to know what you’d be selling. ZipComps is an app that helps agents assemble geographic farms for door-knocking tactics. “Knock” it if you will, but nothing is more valuable than actually knowing your market. The app’s algorithm creates a smart list of people most likely to sell. It also offers on-demand comps, buyer search, market reports and customer communication tools.

4. Naberly

Naberly’s Lead Pages are slick mini-websites for all kinds of purposes, from open house promotion to capturing new listing leads. They can be created in a couple of minutes and also help you decide when and how to respond to prospects. Lead pages can also be sent to Facebook for added exposure.
Nothing is more valuable than actually knowing your market. The marketing solution also provides agents with an intuitive Workspace for team collaboration. This gives everyone a single place to work on new listing or transaction activity. Outside parties can also join in, even without a Naberly account.
I find the organizational benefits and quick web exposure ideal for new agents seeking ways to gain traction in their market and build a solid platform for deal communication. Source:

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