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REALTORS: Why Your Agents Still Need a Website

As a broker-owner or manager, you may be getting the question from agents as to whether having a personal business website is still relevant today, and worth the time, money, and effort. Beyond providing a profile for your agents on your company’s site, it is still wise for independent sales associates to establish their own websites, says Desare Kohn-Laski, broker-owner of Skye Louis Realty in Coconut Creek, Fla., as long as agents keep these three tips in mind. 1. Mobile Buyers. Whereas a decade ago, consumers predominantly used their desktops and laptops to search for their dream houses, today, more than ever, they are conducting home searches from their mobile device. An agent’s site should be mobile-friendly to help establish his or her personal brand, Kohn-Laski says. 2. Business Growth. Agents with their own site still have the leg up in setting themselves apart from competition. It’s a place to publish engaging content that speaks to the specific market or niche they are trying to reach. It’s also a place to share market expertise through blog posts and videos as well as a tool to capture leads. “While a broker’s corporate website definitely helps, it is still good to identify yourself [independently],” Kohn-Laski says. “Utilize the power of the internet to build a stronger personal brand, to establish expertise, and to stay relevant with the information and service your client needs.” 3. Client Trust. Finally, a business website is still worth it for agents to prove credibility to potential clients, says Kohn-Laski. You also want to control the dominant source of information about you in the web. “Work on [your site] and it will reciprocate. You’ll see with the results,” she says. Source: Skye Louis Realty —Erica Christoffer, REALTOR® Magazine