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Remains Found of Missing Ariz. Agent

Police have discovered and identified the remains of a Kingman, Ariz., real estate professional who has been missing for the past two years. Sidney Cranston Jr., 40, was last seen showing a property in June 2015 to an unknown client. He had been missing ever since. Kingman police say authorities discovered the body buried in the foothills east of Kingman. Upon examination, the Medical Examiner’s Office determined the cause of death to be a gun shot. They have ruled the case a homicide. Police arrested Alfredo Blanco, 61, shortly after the remains were body. Blanco was arrested at a long-term care facility in the Phoenix area and now faces charges of first-degree murder. He reportedly was a friend of Cranston’s. An unnamed suspect told police that he assisted Blanco in disposing of the body and burying it. The tip led search crews to the remains. Cranston’s family remembers him as “brilliant with numbers” and a man known for a generous heart. "He was very trusting... very very trusting ... Yeah, that caught up with him,” his brother Chris Cranston told NBC-3 News in Las Vegas. Source: “Remains Found in Arizona ID’d as Missing Real Estate Agent From Wilson,” (Jan. 13, 2017) and “Man Arrested After Body of Missing Kingman Real Estate Agent Discovered,” (Jan. 11, 2017)

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