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Show a ‘Mini’ Man Cave When Space Is Tight

Bigger isn’t always better with the man cave. The “mini” man cave is starting to catch on. Men’s dedicated spaces may be shrinking from the garage or entire room to now be as small as just a walk-in closet. Still, “it’s important—for a man’s sanity—for him to have his own space in which to relax,” says Jason Cameron, a contractor and former host of the TV show “Man Caves.” Celebrities are bringing more attention to the trend. For example, Christina Aguilera’s fiancé Matt Rutler recently revealed on CBS that he turned a walk-in closet into his own manly small retreat. It displays his baseball caps, magnets, and an electric guitar. It also has a small desk and reading lamp. “From a psychological perspective, even a smaller space for his masculine self-expression is better than nothing,” Jonathan Bennett, a certified counselor and life coach, told®. “Simply having somewhere to fully be himself is ultimately what matters, whether it’s a large man cave with a fridge and a flat-screen TV or a closet-size space with his high school medals and trophies.” Source: “No Room for a Man Cave? Squeeze Into a Mini Man Cave Instead,”® (March 17, 2017)

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