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Signs Your Mobile Device Has a Virus

Smartphones and tablets are vulnerable to malware, which enables hackers to access them and compromise your email, online banking information, and apps. But you may not even know your mobile device has a virus—yes, Apple products are just as at risk as Androids, despite common misperceptions to the contrary—and that can lead to a more dangerous situation. So how can you tell if your phone or tablet has been infected? USA Today flagged several signs: Data loss: Rapid depletion of your mobile plan's data can be one telltale sign. If a virus is running in the background and communicating with the internet on your device, it's going to be hogging your data. For those without an unlimited data plan, they may even start to find they are having to buy extra data. Malfunctioning apps: If you notice that your apps start to crash more frequently, your device may be infected. "Most viruses tamper with your regular operations, and it's common for your favorite apps to crash without explanation," reports USA Today's consumer tech columnist, Kim Komando. "Make sure you update all of your apps to prevent viral interference." Battery drain: Viruses eat up not only your data but also your battery's life. You may start to notice your battery running out faster and requiring a charge more frequently. Questionable apps appearing: An app appears legitimate and somewhat familiar, but you don't remember downloading it. Be skeptical. Remove any questionable apps under your phone's settings. To make your devices safer, be sure to keep your software updated, use phone locating apps (which will help you track your phone, if it's ever lost), turn off app notifications from settings, and set up a VPN (or virtual private network) when using public Wi-Fi. Get more specific tips on removing virus on an Android or iPhone or iPad. Source: “How to Tell if Your Phone or Tablet Has a Virus,” USA Today (April 14, 2017)