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These Cars Have the Lowest Ownership Costs

You likely use your car a lot in the real estate business. If you want to keep your long-term operating costs low, you might want to consult the latest list from Kelley Blue Book of the cars and trucks with the lowest ownership costs. The following vehicles were ranked as having the lowest operating costs in their class:
  • Subcompact car and overall lowest: Chevrolet Spark, estimated to cost an owner $27,577 over the first five years.
  • Compact car: Toyota Corolla, $31,532
  • Midsize car: Honda Accord, $33,809
  • Hybrid/alternative energy car: Toyota Prius, $34,409
  • Subcompact SUV/crossover: Honda HR-V, $34,716
  • Sporty compact car: Ford Fiesta ST, $36,205
  • Mid-size pickup truck: Chevrolet Colorado Extended Cab, $37,106
  • Entry-level luxury car: Buick Verano, $37,360
  • Luxury compact SUV/crossover: Buick Encore, $37,938
  • Full-size car: Chevrolet Impala, $42,549
  • Minivan: Dodge Grand Caravan, $43,006
  • Full-size SUV/crossover: Chevrolet Tahoe, $54,707
  • Luxury car: Lexus GS, $59,822
Source: “20 Cars and Trucks With the Lowest Ownership Costs,” (February 2017)

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