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Top Markets for Home Sellers Revealed

Colorado and Texas claimed nine out of the top 10 best places to sell a house, according to a new study by SmartAsset. Researchers evaluated 161 cities with populations greater than 150,000 across five factors, including the change in median home value, the percent of homes in the area sold at a loss, the average number of days a home sits on the market, the closing costs, and the number of real estate offices per 1,000 residents. The following markets landed on SmartAsset’s top 15 list for home sellers:
  1. Denver
  2. Fort Collins, Colo.
  3. Grand Prairie, Texas
  4. Irving, Texas
  5. Colorado Springs, Colo.
  6. Aurora, Colo.
  7. McKinney, Texas
  8. Plano, Texas
  9. Dallas
  10. Portland, Ore.
  11. Seattle
  12. Eugene, Ore.
  13. Lexington-Fayette, Ky.
  14. Charlotte, N.C.
  15. Boston
Source: “The Best Cities to Sell a House,” SmartAsset (March 7, 2017)

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