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BROKERS: Is a Progressive Web App Right For Your Brokerage?

If you're considering investing in a mobile app for your brokerage, make sure a progressive web app (PWA) is included in your analysis. This technology marries a traditional downloadable app with a mobile-friendly website, and works on all devices, computers, and operating systems. According to, a web development company, the average mobile user accesses four times as many websites as mobile apps per month, and many consumers don't take the time to install a company's app on their device. A PWA basically turns your website into an app directly in the mobile browser. New technology now delivers native app-like features such as push notifications, some offline functionality, and a mobile-centric interface. Three benefits of employing a PWA for your real estate business include:
  1. No download needed. Unlike traditional apps, your customers browsing for homes online or seeking more information about your company won't need to install an app to get an app-like experience on your site.
  2. Market with your regular URL. You can still use your company's URL to market the functionality of the site, with features that automatically updated on the web rather than through an app.
  3. PWAs cost less. says that PWA will cost you between $6,000 and $20,000, while a native app averages between $20,000 and $80,000, depending on the style and functions you include. and, a custom web development service, created an infographic about PWAs below. Source: "Does Your Business Need Progressive Web App?" March 2016,

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