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Denver Neighborhood Will Be Test for Future

Pena Station Next is a high-tech neighborhood in Denver that is serving as a smart city lab to test different technologies and show what the future could hold. The neighborhood will feature autonomous shuttles and smart home technologies interweaved into everything from kitchen tables to the light pole outside a home. Panasonic, a partner in Denver’s smart city project, recently offered a sneak peak into what the neighborhood will have. So far, the neighborhood has smart LED street lights installed and a parking area covered with solar panels. Coming soon is Wi-Fi coverage for the area and a smart bus stop. The first Easymile EZ10 autonomous shuttles – self-driving – are expected to arrive this month too. Here are some other technologies being featured in the neighborhood: Transparent televisions: A window or surface can be turned into a TV screen. This could transform anything from a tabletop, window, to a refrigerator into a television screen. Smart kitchens: Kitchens are automating more of the cooking for homeowners. Appliances are being configured to help prepare a meal, the kitchen counter can instantly become an induction stove top, the range hood has built-in cameras and sensors that can watch the food cooking and adjust the temperature, as needed. Appliances also are helping to record dietary habits too. Multi-purpose tables: The tables can show videos of anything from family photos to what is being captured in the homeowners’ connected security cameras. The table also features wireless charging. Place a smartphone on it and the device will automatically charge without being plugged in. Smart street poles: An LED street light has technology embedded inside, including security cameras and even a device that can monitor air particles, solar cloud coverage, noise, temperature, and humidity. The sensors in the lights also can talk to autonomous vehicles, sending traffic information to other cars about possible accidents or traffic congestion. Smart parking meters: Besides just accepting digital payments, they can recognize license plates, detect vacant parking spaces, and also offer directions to open parking spots. Autonomous vehicles: Self-driving cars will free up passengers time. The concept cars for the community show the front seats facing the backseats inside the car, with a table in-between. The table can display e-mail and tasks. Source: “A Glimpse Into What Is Coming for Denver’s Future Smart City, Pena Station Next,” Denver Post (Jan. 22, 2017)

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